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Got this for my 6 year old grandson. It’s taller than he is!!! Easy to assemble for an adult. Works well. A real find!!!!!

Very nice RC Truck for the price!!

My nephew absolutely loved this toy. I bought it, for him, for Christmas. He put everything down and played with this truck the entire night. Hobby Tron is where I’m coming for toys from this point forward. Fast shipment. Please continue supplying the greatest toys for kids, HobbyTron.

For kids 6 and up

This toy is amazing -it got the adults attention and thank God. I purchased this for my two years old niece (I’m new at getting my niece and nephews toys). Her mom will fly it for her and she dances around. It is the cutest. They love the toy and cannot put it down. Very happy with this purchase.

I bought this toy but I do not see how to charge it with the USB cable. Help what do I plug the cable to charge the toy the control device.

Galaxy Flex-Track (220 Piece)
I ordered 2 sets for my grandsons I really thought it would come w/ more than 1 car that's all.
A little help please

The track is fine, just need a couple more cars. Would like to know if there are any other additional pieces.

Baby Yoda Heli Ball
Question if order now will we get it by Christmas

Dying to order a few, but need to know if could get it by Christmas

For my family this toy is the best, we will buy Trump head for all our family and friends ❤ we love all trump stuff. We recommend this beautiful toy100%


I want this flying trump machine but it doesnt ship to Sweden anyone know where I can buy it?
Thanks for help/Lars

Great Toy

I love this Trump, aka the GOAT, flying figure: It is flying all around my house.

Excited about these!!

I just bought 2 sets of these, does it come with 1car or 2 and if it’s 1 can you order additional cars? I have 4 grand boys and want each to have their own car


I’m so glad i saw this on tiktok. Me and my son laugh until we’re almost crying everytime we play with this. It’s so much fun!!!!!!!

We're really happy to hear that! These are really super fun for both kids and us grown-ups :P

I ordered the set for all my grandson.
I forgot to put my apartment number on the address. It is apt 201. Are you able to add the apartment number to the address?

Hi, Margaret! Please, contact our customer support and they'll assist you!

Spider-Man RC Flying Figure
Donna Story Donna Story
This is so cool!!

I bought this for my nephew for Christmas but I’m thinking I may keep this one and order him another one. 😃

Hahahaha that was amazing! We think you should! Thanks for choosing our products, Donna!

Quick Delivery

nice packaging, gives a great first impression. Still didnt give the gift.

Looks amazing

When will more of these be in stock? I’ve entered my email address to get notified, but the screen doesn’t acknowledge it. I would LOVE to order this toy for my grandkids.

Hello Jackie, thank you for choosing our products, as soon as it is available you will receive a notification via your registered email.

Best gift

Best gift for my Star Wars son. So creative and fun.

Best Superman

Just the best superman toy out there. My girl is passionate about him - ok maybe Henry Cavill did some help on this - and so she loves all the kind of toys from him. This one now is definitely her favourite. I gave her in 2020 Christmas when this was totally new.

Remembring my childhood

I love SAGA and played a lot of Sonic when I was a child. Gold times when the videogames were much healthier than the ones our kids play today and spend the whole time on it. Well, I got this one for my boy but I must assume that I probably like it even more than him - he play with it sometimes but I keep it in my bedroom for decoration, I just love its awesome design and it matches with my geek collection anyway

I would like to know how long it take for the package to arrive

Hello, Iris! Our orders usually takes up 5 days to be delivered. If you have any issue please contact us at and we'll definitely make it right!


This is the THANOS KILLER and we all know that. Best one of the flying toys for sure and best avenger out there. Now its part of my collection. thanks again Hobbytron :)

Did not receive yet!!!

Hey! Please reach out to our customer support at and we'll surely help you!

Can’t comment until after Christmas. A gift for my grandson.

Phantom IR Helicopter
Elton Streater

Phantom IR Helicopter


I love that the best character is being back: movie and toys everywhere! This flying one is probably the most sick Sonic toy I bought, just go ahead.

I haven’t received my order yet

Hi Rylee, it's in our system that your order has been delivered to you Wednesday, October 20 at 4:55 PM. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to email us at, you'll be answered in 24h at most!