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Can’t comment until after Christmas. A gift for my grandson.

Phantom IR Helicopter
Elton Streater

Phantom IR Helicopter

I haven’t received my order yet

Good quality and easy to control.

My kids love to play pretending so this was perfect! We built a whole thing in the garden and they spend a lot of time entertained. It's totally safe and we can create a lot of scenarios. I love watching my kids making up some stories haha

My brother loves it!

I bought it to my young brother, just gave it to him and he was so happy when he saw it hahaha It's a interesting toy, big, kids love it when they see it. He couldn't even say "thanks" he grabbed it and ran away to play with

That is dope!

That crane is really cool! It's really big, we put it outside in the front and apparently neighbors are jealous Lol there’s always someone passing by and stopping to ask about the crane and my little engineer always explains how it works... Everybody loves it!

Batman RC Helicopter
Deanna Collins
Nice purchase

The helicopter looks sturdy and nice, very easy to play, pretty fast delivery, I'd recommend it.

Batman RC Helicopter
Charlie F. Hall
Great customer support

Ours arrived defective, but the customer support was awesome and hassle-free! We sent them a video showing that it didn't fly properly and they sent us a replacement in no time! I'm really happy with the service and the helicopter itself is kindda cute.

Batman RC Helicopter
Thomas Scott
IR motion sensor

Got 1 of this for my kiddo and he loved it! I just figured out it has a motion sensor, that's ingenious! It helps a lot.


I was surprised on how fast it arrived, thank you so much!

Batman RC Helicopter
Catherine Green
Pretty much as advised

This is part of my son's birthday present, so we haven't opened it yet. But I can say so far that delivery was fast and as promised, and that the helicopter looks well-crafted

Batman RC Helicopter
Pamela Mitchell
I personally recommend their products

This is such a nice toy! It's surprisingly light and it flies well and is not as complicated as I thought. I got my kids three of them, each a different super hero, and they arrived fast! I'll certainly purchase again from your website.

Intelli Bot RC Robot
Tim McVicker
Fun toy

Cool and Is really interesting because it can walk, talk, sing and dance. Gave it as a Christmas gift for my little cousin and it was a hit, all the kids wanted it!

Good quality

It comes in a nice box and has a nice design, pretty good quality and very light. At first sight I thought it was just the helicopter and the controller, but when you open it there is a USB cable to charge the helicopter, spare blades which come in handy and a manual (even though it's quite simple to control it, but you have a IR motion sensor option, some led lights and stuff). The controller needs battery though. Delivery was fast 👍👍👍

Batman RC Helicopter
Valencia Lopez

This toy is really cool, purchased it for my nephew and have tried it too - we both love Batman, so we love the awesome design. It's fun and easy to play. It was delivered fast.

This is a 4 months reviews. Please red.

This gun is in the zombie strike line. This gun is the first ever nerf zombie strike gun that makes some hot sounds of dart flying when you shoot. This gun is awesome I play nerf tag wars with this gun it also comes with 20 zombie strike bullets. This gun is the best zombie strike gun. When you are playing a nerf war and when the power goes off the lights of this gun can light up the room. It's in the dark? I DON'T CARE, I AM LITERALLY GLOWING IN THE DARK and I'll find the zombie. Zombies are too far away? SO WHAT? This thing can shoot until 65 FEET, it just feels like I have A SNIPER ZOMBIE STRIKE GUN. It is also a blaster with a big stock of bullets, you hardly ever will need more than 20 in this war. Honestly this is a great gun and you don't have to worry about buying batteries - it CHARGES with USB.


It's a great product for to children play with friends or by themselves. I gave one to my niece and she loves it.

Happy little boy!

My five-year-old son loves this robot! It’s not loud and annoying like a lot of kids' toys. It has a volume control which is also super nice.

Kid's robot

This is a very cute robot. My granddaughter likes it and puts it on its head. She is thinking of a name for him. I recommend it to everyone. It has songs for the little ones, and the older children can learn how to control the robot on an intermediate level. I like to play with my grandchildren.

Fun and easy to play with

Great quality, fun, easy to use and very entertaining! I like the colors and the music choices that the robot comes with. It moves in all directions, the remote control has a lot of buttons to have the robot do different things. And the attachments are fun too!


Loved by my autistic grandson, remote is easy and fun. He likes that it will talk to him. No downside so far.

Just received it!

I just got 2 of it to give to my twins, I'm waiting for their bday this week! Didn't have any problem with the purchase, the delivery was on time, everythink is great so far!

we LOVE this big one

We used to have the smaller version and it definitely was not enough for my little Sophie. I was thinking about buying some more of the small one just to get a few more tracks, but then I see this extended version and it's definitely a better choice if you have a good space for them to play with. It's awesome to let their creativity flows building with this!

We love that we can store things on it

We love that the cargo box on it can really store things! My son uses it to store his smaller cards and transfer them all to the Galaxy Flex racetrack that he built! It's also funny when we're on different rooms and we use it to give me something that I asked for. These days he sent me some Nachos inside of it from the kitchen to my!

Great product

Ordered the toy for my nephew and he loves it, was not too sure when I was shopping on the site but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and the packaging,
Thank you Hobbytron will be ordering more soon for Xmas ,,,